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    Todd Bowles Hired as Jets Head Coach

    Jets hire Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles as head coach as part of organizational shakeup that included Rex Ryan leaving to coach the Buffalo Bills and the firing of General Manager John Idzik.

    The contract for Head Coach Todd Bowles is for four years. In 2014, Todd Bowles won assistant coach of the year award for his efforts leading the Cardinals to the playoffs. With the Cardinals, Bowles had the defense playing very well despite the team having to use its third string quarterback down the stretch.

    Many fans expect big things for this new organization including a trip to the playoffs. The Jets have missed the playoffs the last four seasons.

    2013 Off Season of Change

    The Jets appear to be making changes as evidenced by selecting West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith in the draft. Geno Smith was outstanding in college making plays with his feet and his arm. Amassing stats in college is a little easier than doing so at the pro level, as incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez found out. Geno Smith played several seasons in college where as Mark Sanchez only played one season before turning pro. That extra experience makes Geno Smith possibly ready for taking over the starting quarterback role and playing many of the upcoming season’s football games under center. Smith has a lot to learn, and many so called experts have pointed at several weaknesses for the Jets on offense, although the defense is projected to be a good one this season.

    Rex Ryan and his new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg have a tough task ahead of them to get this team to the playoffs, but in the hard to predict NFL anything can happen, including a new quarterback, like Russell Wilson in Seattle, leading his team deep into the playoffs. Around the division it appears Miami has made some good off season additions and are projected to be much better this upcoming season. Buffalo surprised people by taking the first quarterback off the board and choosing a surprise, running style quarterback. New England has had the most turbulent off season, first losing Wes Welker, signing Tim Tebow, then multiple surgeries for one of their tight ends, then having their other tight end arrested for homicide.

    Baltimore Ravens Upset Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

    In one of the coldest, most thrilling playoff games in history, the Baltimore Ravens stunned the top seeded Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium in overtime. Peyton Manning was outgunned by Joe Flacko, who threw a game tying 70 yard touchdown in the final minute of regulation to send it into overtime. In that overtime, Manning threw a costly interception on a roll out to his right with Graham stepping in front of a poorly thrown pass to Brandon Stokley that put the Ravens just outside of field goal range. A few plays later the Broncos season came to an end and the Ray Lewis retirement tour continued onward towards the AFC Championship.

    The playoffs are looking great so far and fans everywhere are looking for a game to top this exciting contest between the Ravens and Broncos.

    For the Jets, the big news is new management in the front office is poised to turn things around and the 2013 season.  Looks like things will be quite a bit different from the frustrating up and down season the Jets just had which was marked by plenty of sensational story lines. The daily drama surrounding the team kept the Jets interesting while there play on the field was lacking, most notably the turnovers by quarterback Mark Sanchez who was benched a couple times during the season. The Jets were the talk of the 2013 season from a drama standpoint regularly being mentioned on the radio,  television, print and online sites for updates on Tebow, Rex, Sanchez and the world’s most famous tattoo.

    Jets and Tebow Discussion

    Let’s talk about the Jets. I not only think that the Jets have an inside track for the AFC east, I think they have a good chance to sweep the
    Patriots. As the Cardinals showed that large corners can not only push the Patriot recievers around, they can stop their recievers outright; and
    a strong inside rush can alleviate any real threat from Brady’s arm. Essentially, the Arizona Cardinals showed the rest of the NFL the plan on
    how to defeat the Patriots. The Patriots are going to have real trouble with a team like the Jets. There are no other legitimate threats in the
    AFC east(both the Dolphins and the Bills are a couple of years away), and the Jets have the large corners and inside pass rush that can and will
    disrupt Brady’s passing attack. Along with the rushing of the heavy hitting Greene, the short passing game offense should be enough to win this
    divisional series and the divisional crown.

    Honestly it is not enough, as long as they don’t fully endorse their secret weapon.

    Tebow to the left, Tebow to the right, and Tebow with the quarterback sneak up the middle. He needs more snaps, like way more. They waste him
    when he hands off, either he needs to throw (deep) or tuck it and run. Tebow needs to be in the game. Sanchez holds the ball too long and the
    receivers are ho-hum, Greene is one dimensional and doesn’t avoid any tackles. The Jets need Tebow to move the chains.
    Miami next, that should be a win. In general, I expect the Jets to go 3-3 in their next 6 games and be 4-4. At 4-4, the Jets would still be
    right in the mix for the division and wild-card entering the second half. That is when Tebow hopefully takes over to lead the Jets to the
    promised land.

    Tebow isn’t the guy. Really. You said you want to see him throw the ball deep and there is only one problem with that idea: he can’t. Sanchez is
    The Jets ran into a buzzsaw in Pittsburgh on Sunday and they almost won. If Greene hadn’t gotten his bell rung the Jets were on the verge of
    taking over that game… in Pittsburgh, against a team that lost an embarassing game the previous week in Denver and was trying to keep up with
    the Ravens in their division. The Jets smaller runningback couldn’t get past Pittsburgh’s huge defensive line like Greene had been doing, and
    that is why their offense stalled. Sanchez was holding the ball too long, and their recievers were having a tough time getting open; but you
    should give credit to a Pittsburgh Steelers defense that was fired up and flying around the field. I want you to remember how the Pittsburgh
    coach looked relieved when they got that touchdown pass that barely stayed in the endzone. The Jets had the Steelers on the ropes, but with
    Greene on the sidelines they couldn’t deliver the knockout blow.
    Tim Tebow is actually a very good deep ball thrower, better than the likes of Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Matt Schaub, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Alex
    Smith and Mark Sanchez.
    If you think that the Jets should replace Mark Sanchez with Tim Tebow you are crazy. Statistics don’t show his overlong delivery, his bad
    footwork or the inflated numbers due to yards after the catch. He can’t throw long, and if you insist on this fact you don’t understand what
    you’re talking about.
    His statistics do show he throws a good deep ball. And if you are looking for YAC (yards after the catch) why don’t you ask the Steelers about
    that since I think they are still chasing the guy who burnt them in overtime for a touchdown in the playoffs last year for 80 yards.

    His running threat pulls safeties up, causing deep receivers to be covered one on one.

    Okay, some stats to prove I’m right.
    Although the Broncos dropped back to pass only 45 percent of the time with Tebow at quarterback last season, when he did so, it was usually
    deep. No quarterback averaged more air yards per pass attempt (12.3) than Tebow last season.

    Tebow last season also was more efficient than Sanchez when throwing the ball deep. On passes over 20 yards in the air, both completed just over
    25 percent of their throws, but Tebow threw five fewer interceptions in 11 more attempts and had a higher average yards per attempt.


    C’mon, you can’t be serious. Last year he won a game when he completed only two passes. TWO. And you’re trying to tell me that he can throw the
    ball better than a quarterback that took you to the AFC championship game twice? Really? You need to start backing the real quarterback on your
    team and stop being a backseat fan. Your team has a legitimate chance this year and you want to blow it on a guy who can’t throw the ball in a
    straight line.


    quarterbacks who can run and throw…


    I’ll take my chances with a guy who can run and throw.


    I would too. There’s only one problem; Tebow can’t throw.

    Jets leading the AFC East after Week 6

    Well, leading is a bit misleading. All 4 teams in the AFC East are 3-3, but the Jets have the best record in the division (2-0) so they have the current tie-breaker putting them ahead of the Bills, Patriots and Dolphins.

    The season so far has been a real roller coaster.  A couple games they played extremely well,  with great defense and a great rushing attack. That was only a couple games though, as several others the Jets were terribly outplayed or even over-matched. The 49’ers shut the Jets out – at home – and the Dolphins let the Jets steal a victory. For the most part, the Jets won the three games they were expected to win and lost the three they were expected to lose.

    On the horizon, is the all important game against the New England Patriots at their stadium. The Patriots are beatable, but they always are ready when the Jets come to town.

    Mark Sanchez has been good and bad while listening to many fans and experts who would like to see Tim Tebow replace him as the starter. Tebow has barely played in each game, though he has helped the Jets convert a couple of valuable fake punts while acting as the protector on the punt team.

    The New York Jets have been hampered by the loss of their best defensive player, Darrelle Revis, and their best offensive player, Santonio Holmes, who are both out for the season. Antonio Cromartie has stepped up and helped fill the void left by Revis and the Jets really have not had much of a passing attack since Holmes went down.

    The 2012 Jets are going to continue to have an interesting season. Probably needing 9 or 10 wins to make the playoffs, the Jets will have to go 6-4 or 7-3 the rest of the way.  Hopefully, without their two biggest  stars, they can find a way.

    Tim Tebow’s Sermon on being a Good Christian Man on Father’s Day

    “The world looks at me and thinks I am a football player that is a Christian and I look at the world and say I am a Christian that happens to play football”.

    Tim Tebow Sermon at Qualcomm Stadium San Diego on Father's Day

    Tim Tebow Sermon at Qualcomm Stadium San Diego on Father’s Day

    These videos of Tim Tebow delivering a sermon on Father’s Day at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego show a man with great character, leadership and a good sense of humor. Life, love, football, lessons learned growing-up and how to be a good Christian man were topics discussed in front of 26,000 fans/churchgoers.The quarterback of the New York Jets is a talented public speaker as he eloquently talked about his life as a role model and how to be a better person.

    Chris Mortensen drew the biggest laugh of the day when he told Tebow that he is now on the biggest stage in New York, and that he should realize that Jets fans have conditional love.

    Jets Trade for Tim Tebow

    The excitement around New York and New Jersey can hardly be contained. The most polarizing figure in sports, Tim Tebow, just arrived via a trade from the Denver Broncos all because Peyton Manning hurt his neck, got cut from the Colts, signed with Denver, allowing General Manager John Elway to make Tim Tebow expendable.
    Tim Tebow Jets Cross
    It is great to be a Jets fan right now. People everywhere are talking about the Jets. The team is the most interesting in the League and what is even more interesting is how the Jets are going to use Tebow as a weapon on offense. The new Offensive Coordinator brought the wildcat offensive scheme to pro football and now he is teamed up with the perfect wildcat quarterback. A whole different dimension to football, unique, versatile, creative, exciting football is ahead for the Jets.

    Many critics knock the move, they are plain wrong. The Jets got a gift in this deal, landing a player that gives them an opportunity to be unique in their approach on offense. There is nothing wrong with running for a first down, and if the quarterback can do that than that is one more blocker on the field. Think 3rd and short, how nice is it to have someone who is capable of throwing a short pass for a first down or run for a first down. Try to play defense against that.

    The knock on Tebow is his completion percentage. The guy only has played in less than 20 games in his entire career. If he can complete just 1 more pass out of 10 than he has done during his first two seasons then his percentage will be right there with most NFL quarterbacks.

    Tebow is a winner, he will invariably make the Jets entertaining, must watch television in which a commitment to the ground and pound philosophy coupled with a top Rex Ryan led defense could be the ingredients that can start a dynasty.

    If the game plan would be more advantageous against certain teams to start Tim Tebow, then Tim Tebow should start in those situations.

    Congratulations to the New York Giants

    New York Giants,

    Truly great win in the Superbowl.

    The parade in New York and the rally in New Jersey were sensational.

    Beating the New England Patriots was pleasing to watch. Patriots falling apart all over the field was pretty pleasing to watch as well.

    What a run by the Giants, coming through with must win after must win for two months. Funny how it all started with that 99 yard touchdown by Victor Cruz in the Christmas Day Jets-Giants game. The Jets were playing great and were dominant up until that moment, then everything changed. The Jets fell off and the Giants took off. The Giants made play after play, game after game. Spectacular catches by the wide receivers and on the money throws by Eli Manning. That quarterback was dropping passes in to small windows and his receivers made game changing catches routinely. Hats off to them, a well deserved Lombardi Trophy. Enjoy the rings.

    Next year, hopefully we can bring another championship back to New York.

    Obviously, I hope it is on the shoulder pads of players wearing green.

    Jets Must Win and Get Lots of Help to Make Playoffs

    The New York Jets lost again. After starting the game going the length of the field for a touchdown, the New York Jets rolled over for their stadium sharing rival, the New York Giants.

    The Giants defense was better. The Giants offense was better. And their wide receiver made a 12 yard reception into a game changing 99 yard touchdown reception.

    The New York Jets have 1 game to play.

    If they are to make the playoffs, they MUST WIN. And get lots and lots of help.

    Jets Win plus a Bengals Loss plus a Titans Loss plus either a Raiders Loss or a Broncos Loss.

    That is a lot of help they need. At 8-7, the Jets are a couple wins below their preseason expectation and with many people picking them to possibly reach the Superbowl, it appears the prospect of reaching the playoffs is unlikely.

    The Bengals could lose, they do face the Ravens who are trying to win their division. The Raiders play the Chargers, so it is possible they could lose. The Broncos play the Chiefs, who sometimes play well but Tim Tebow will probably find a way to win. However, the Titans are playing the Texans who have locked up their playoff seed and have nothing to play for, expect them to rest Foster and the rest of their stars. In other words, the Jets might as well be making tee times for Monday morning.

    At least the Jets were playing meaningful games in December, too bad they didn’t win many of them.

    Happy New Year

    Jets verse Giants in the Battle for New York

    With major post-season implications, both the New York Jets and New York Giants need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. In all likelihood, the season ends for the losing team. Its a home game in New Jersey for everyone, lets hope the Garden State favors the green.

    Dramatic, yes. Exciting, yes. Decisive, yes.

    Go Jets

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